Our success at Jane Gil Garden Design is defined by the satisfaction of those we work with. See what current and past clients have to say about our commitment to quality, attentiveness, and leading edge design.

“Jane has been the Garden Designer on our terrace for almost ten years and it is gorgeous. She is brilliant about what to plant, both for it’s beauty and it’s ability to thrive in a difficult environment. Her care of our garden in the sky is perfect, her attention to budget ditto and dealing and planning with her is a joy.”

--Mike Nichols

Color Therapy | New York Spaces

Keeping things fresh after 25 years can be a challenge, but such a silver anniversary only gave Jane Gil another opportunity to stretch her imagination.

Watch Them Grow | Elle Décor

At its best, garden design is an art form and the creative-gardening arena has never been more tantalizing than it is today, with fresh talent in every corner